Mental and physical health do not operate independently.


It is important to understand that your mental and physical health are holistic with your overall health.


It's a message that White Owl has spread since it's inception, encouraging men to be proactive about their health and wellness, and support those around them to do the same. 

Read the real stories of our supporters:

Darcy's Story

Darcy, like all people, has had experiences with mental health throughout the entirety of his life. 


For Darcy, mental health has been something that he has dealt with within himself, while also being with and supporting people during their own mental health problems.

Chat with Vanessa

This series shares the stories and experiences of individuals whose lives have been affected by men's health issues. In the spirit of our drive to increase awareness of men's health.


This first instalment introduces us to Vanessa and her experience of a loved one's prostate cancer diagnosis...

Chat with Simon

We recently sat down with primary school teacher Simon to chat about his experiences with health problems.

When he was diagnosed with high blood pressure, it was the wake up call of a lifetime.